• Ask Our Experts

    Ask Our Experts

    My mother refuses to use her walker, and I’m worried she’ll fall. Any tips to encourage her to use it? Read More

  • Legends, Myths and Nursing Homes

    Legends, Myths and Nursing Homes

    Long-term care homes provide higher levels of personal care and support than typically offered by retirement homes... Read More

  • Old Age isn't for Sissies

    Old Age isn't for Sissies

    When geriatricians and other specialists are asked to identify the common reasons for decline in older adults, we tend to agree that age alone is not a sufficient explanation. Read More

  • Retirees’ Accessing Home Equity

    Retirees’ Accessing Home Equity

    Close to 60 per cent of the Canadian workforce do not have access to a workplace pension plan, according to the Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP Canada). Read More

  • Fibre: Still Important in Nutrition

    Fibre: Still Important in Nutrition

    It is with a chuckle that I recall the daily breakfast served by my landlady; the most heart-unhealthy collection imaginable by today’s standards. Read More

  • The Art and Science of Rightsizing

    The Art and Science of Rightsizing

    Moving into a new home is daunting at any age, but for seniors, embracing a new life can be hindered by age, disability, bereavement or the reluctance to change. Read More

  • Vacationing as You Age

    Vacationing as You Age

    Be it due to health, mobility, finances, the need for a travelling companion or the fear of a tiring trip, a successful getaway takes time to plan. Read More

  • Playing the Waiting Game

    Playing the Waiting Game

    Under the Canada Health Act, all legal residents of Canada are entitled to receive healthcare services without additional payment, if the procedure is defined as medically necessary Read More

  • Planning for Life

    Planning for Life

    In this article, I share with you highlights from two of our speakers who are lawyers. Both spoke to the importance of planning for declining health and for the end of life. Read More

  • How Important is Exercise?

    How Important is Exercise?

    Everyone needs to exercise. Medical evidence provides overwhelming support for the benefits it provides for every condition under the sun, from arthritis to cancer. Read More

  • 5 Common Beliefs That Harm Caregivers

    5 Common Beliefs That Harm Caregivers

    Caregiving is a complicated role, full of joy and sometimes grief and frustration. Read More

  • Save Your Energy

    Save Your Energy

    If you have physical, psychological or emotional limitations, you may find it difficult to do everyday tasks such as cooking, cleaning because of the energy output required to do those tasks. Read More

  • Professional Health Tips

    Professional Health Tips

    People with osteoporosis have bones that break easily, even through minor actions such as lifting, twisting or falling. Avoid osteoporosis by: Read More

  • How to Be a Music Detective

    How to Be a Music Detective

    The best approach, says Letitia Rogers, a Music & Memory Coordinator, is to become a “music detective.” Read More

  • Money Matters

    Money Matters

    Be leery of offers that say “Today only,” “Too good to pass up,” “Cash only” or “Limited offer.” Read More

  • Remembering Grandma’s Quilts...

    Remembering Grandma’s Quilts...

    Grandma loved us and kept us close in her heart. Her magnificent creations were a key part of the strong family bonds that she formed and cultivated. Read More

  • 10 De-stressing Tips

    10 De-stressing Tips

    All of us know that worrying about and taking care of someone else can be overwhelming at times. So, this article is dedicated to you—the caregiver. Read More

  • When Worry Becomes a Concern

    When Worry Becomes a Concern

    As an adult child of aging parents, you might notice a change in their behaviour as a result of stress, depression or anxiety. Read More

  • Driving Safely as You Age

    Driving Safely as You Age

    Regardless of this experience, older drivers have more collisions per kilometres driven than any other age group. Read More

  • Summertime....The Living is Easy

    Summertime....The Living is Easy

    The warm weather has arrived once again! Enjoy the outdoors safely and comfortably with friends and family. Think ahead and be prepared. Read More

  • Back Care Basics

    Back Care Basics

    Back pain is one of the most common physical maladies in the developed world, with 60–90 percent of Canadians experiencing low back pain. Read More

  • 8 Tips for New Family Caregivers

    8 Tips for New Family Caregivers

    It’s hard to know where to begin caring for someone. Often we are not prepared for these situations until we find ourselves in them. Read More

  • 5 Secrets to Better Sleep

    5 Secrets to Better Sleep

    The jury is in: Driving drowsy is as dangerous as (if not more so than), driving drunk. And yet, millions of us do it every day. Read More

  • Seniors’ Rx for Good Health:

    Seniors’ Rx for Good Health:

    Like sunshine and vitamins, pets are just plain healthy for seniors. They are that spark plug to getting out among friends, keeping fit and making a senior’s day better. Read More

  • Hot Dates vs. Lasting Love

    Hot Dates vs. Lasting Love

    When I hear people talking about the “hot date” they had recently, I’m naturally curious about what they mean. A hot date for a boomer may have nothing to do with a beautiful or handsome person. Read More

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