• Plan a Birthday Party

    Plan a Birthday Party

    Pick a location accessible for all—with comfortable chairs, a menu that is easy to eat and digest for ali, and take lots of pictures and have fun! Read More

  • Behind Closed Doors

    Behind Closed Doors

    Some funding is available for renovations that improve the independence and safety of seniors or people with disabilities. Read More

  • Memory Decline

    Memory Decline

    Family members who play a large role in assisting with care can become stressed or “burnt out” during a disease’s duration. Read More

  • Canada Cares

    Canada Cares

    Each caregiving journey is unique with a common thread: willingness, patience and dedication. Read More

  • Avoid a Nursing Home

    Avoid a Nursing Home

    Most of us want to stay independent and make our own decisions for as long as possible. Here are some ideas for keeping safe on your own. Read More

  • What Would Happen If...

    What Would Happen If...

    What would you do if the person you care for is taken in hospital and can’t communicate? Do you know his or her wishes for care? Read More

  • Money Matters

    Money Matters

    Be leery of offers that say “Today only,” “Too good to pass up,” “Cash only” or “Limited offer.” Read More

  • Drug Interactions

    Drug Interactions

    A miracle of modern medicine is the development of medications that can alter the natural history of once-fatal or disabling illnesses. Read More

  • Professional Health Tips
  • If The Shoe Fits...

    If The Shoe Fits...

    Flips might lead to flops...“easy-access” footwear such as slippers, sandals and flip-flops top the list of potential hazards. Read More

  • Healthy Garden...

    Healthy Garden...

    Gardening is a proven stress-buster, and has even been shown to improve the symptoms of depression. Read More

  • A Family Meeting

    A Family Meeting

    You would think it would be easy to agree on what to do when an older family member shows signs of failing mental function. Read More

  • Buyer Beware

    Buyer Beware

    Can we protect ourselves and those we care about and make sure that we’re both wise and safe consumers? Read More

  • You've Got a Friend

    You've Got a Friend

    The lyrics from the Carole King song “You’ve Got A Friend” remind us of how lucky we are to have friends. Read More

  • Family Time

    Family Time

    No matter what change's occur in the family dynamic, it’s important to discuss it openly to find an idea that works for all. Read More

  • Life...


    Do you ever feel overwhelmed? You’re not alone! In fact, the percentage of Canadians feeling stressed has doubled in the past 10 years. Read More

  • Love is in The Air

    Love is in The Air

    Romance and bold new relationships are a growing and potential causes of joy, worry and conflict for adult children. Read More

  • Improve Your Balance

    Improve Your Balance

    It is a common misconception that impaired balance is an inevitable and irreversible consequence of aging. Read More

  • Hot Dates vs. Lasting Love

    Hot Dates vs. Lasting Love

    When I hear people talking about the “hot date” they had recently, I’m naturally curious about what they mean. A hot date for a boomer may have nothing to do with a beautiful or handsome person. Read More

  • Professional Health Tips

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